every dick with a click

every twat with a tweet

joins the speeding bandwagon

of righteous opinion

such a clamour of chatter and indignation

drowns out the slow truth of free expression



but what of our laws? For example

those against incitement and hate crime

maybe not every God is created equal in the sight of Man



cartoonists die

so as terrorists too

can express their

freedom of speech



muslims and jews

in the middle east are old news

when there’s westerners of artistic bent, dead in the street



freedom from and freedom to

choose your chains wisely

in drafting privacy and human rights

you may never know whose soul

will journey into that dark winter night



is it wrong to kill

even with words

for it seems with bullets

to be definitely so



the free man does not face atrocity with fear

he plants a kiss on the lips of such pomposity



even when the bell tolls

all you need is love”

still rings true



Copyright as always, remains the property of the author, so there must nods to Lennon and Hemingway, and respect due to Wilfred Owen's "Dulce et Dercorum Est".  That said, please feel free to cut and paste and share the above.  My own opinion is that, it is the role of the poet both to explore and to question the human condition; we are part of one human race, both as hero and villain, in love and in hate, and where there is murder, we are entitled to condemn but we also have a responsibility to forgive. © Trevor Maynard 2015